24 November 2006


I just returned from the odyssey that was Stahl Family Thanksgiving 2006. Oy. . . . It was really great to see my aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents and everything; it was just really not so great having to drive six hours to get to Cleveland, drive six hours back, and suffer the awkward situation that is my relationship with my brother-in-law. Seeing Juliet again was awkward, too. I don't know what's wrong, but I worry about her a lot, even if she does constantly drive me away with her behaviour. Methinks that's an entry for another time though, or maybe another place.

Emily's parents were asking after me. I should write up a super-snooty bio and resume online somewhere for people to find. Maybe I'll even post it here! Hrmmmmm *schemes* stay tuned, space cadets.

21 November 2006

A Lesson for the Kids Out There

Before you decide to do some work at home, go ahead and look at your environment at home and make sure it's sufficiently similar to your environment at work for you to actually accomplish things. Things to look for include having similar software on your machine, having a similar server setup, and last but not least never trusting another human being to test your site from outside your home.

To all the people who tried in vain to help me out last night, thanks, but I really oughtn't've asked you in the first place 'cause it ended up being more embarrassing the more people who could view my incompetence. The site worked great on my machines, but didn't work at all on other people's outside my LAN. It looked straight outta ninety-three (oh by the way, Brian; you could've said that first; that'd've been handy to know). Bah. It's no one's fault. I was developing it in a vastly different environment then I planned on launching it. Even so; I was embarrassed and that was no good.

For those that still care after last night's fiasco, I was demonstrating the capabilities of my AJAX-enabled FAQ component, for Joomla. This component is capable of maintaining groups of frequently-asked questions in an intuitive and un-cluttered interface that people so far seem to love. As an added bonus, browsers that don't have Javascript enabled can still view the FAQs if they want (though they won't be treated to the awesome slide-out effect I wrote in). This site I'm including it in will not be publicly-accessible (it's on an company WAN), but the same FAQ component will be used on Vi.llaino.us and also on another upcoming project of mine. The beta version of it, if you will, is also on the First Data website.

Yeah . . . so . . . my dev environment is a little better at home now and I shouldn't be having any of these problems anymore. Good times, right? Until later, space cadets.

10 November 2006

End of an Error

1.26 bush isn't a lame duck president
1.26 he's cooked and being served
1.26 haha

max stahl
1.27 Oh he's gettin' served alright.
1.27 hahaha

1.27 haha
1.27 that was a certified zinger

max stahl
1.27 *swish!*
1.27 Count it.